Deluxe Adjustable Bed Backrest for backpain relief

Many medical professionals recommend sleeping on an incline to help relieve backache. Especially for people suffering with lower back pain, sleeping on a slight incline Adjustable Bed Backrest with a pillow under the knees can help to take the pressure off the spine, making it easier to sleep. Rather than snoozing horizontally as you do on a flat bed, your upper body is raised to keep your spine in a neutral stress-free position

Can I use it on my existing bed and mattress?

YES! This Adjustable Bed Backrest for bed will comfortably sit on an existing bed mattress and reliably takes the user from a lying position to upright whilst supporting the upper back, lumbar back and neck regions

Is it easy to install?

NO ASSEMBLY IS REQUIRED! At the push of a button, the user will sit or lie down on the mattress. 

I been using this backrest for over a week now and my back pain is going away!

Carol QLD

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