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Our story starts in 1967

We are 100% Australian owned. Our story starts way back in 1967, and to this day we continue to build on our heritage of user-centric design, quality local manufacturing, importing and outstanding client service. Deluxe Bed Backrest is developed in Germany and Australia, using the latest manufacturing concepts and safety standards.

From Idea to Reality!

Designed for Australians

Deluxe Bed Backrest is part of Coda Furniture Group, having over 500 thousand square meters of production space in three locations around the world. This is why we are able to combine advanced quality systems with the low manufacturing costs, enabling us to provide cost savings as well as high quality trouble free products.

Designed with you in mind!

Mobility Aid

This electric pillow raiser allows the patient to sit up in bed independently and without assistance View Products

Injury Recovery

This adjustable pillow lifter is designed to keep your spine in a neutral stress-free alignment View Products


This electric bed backrest is designed to aid the parent and baby’s posture during feeding View Products

Sleep Apnea

This bed backrest will elevate your head preventing sleep apnea and improving your sleep View Products

Stop Snoring

Snoring can be successfully stopped at a bed backrest inclination of approximately 20° View Products

Back Pain Relief

Medical professionals recommend sleeping on an incline adjustable backrest to help relieve backache View Products

Nervous System

It’s possible that resting on this inclined bed backrest, may alleviate nervous symptoms problems View Products

Treat Insomnia

Bed Backrest attempts to use the power of gravity to reap additional health benefits View Products

Acid Reflux

Elevating your pillow lifter, allows gravity to help keep that acid reflux down and successfully treat GERD View Products

Unique Design

Deluxe Electric Bed Backrest can be easily adjusted using the two-function user friendly handset. We understand that recovery is extremely important among the elderly. This adjustable pillow lifter will allow the person you love to rest with comfort and security. This adjustable bed backrest will comfortably sit on an existing bed mattress and reliably takes the user from a lying position to upright whilst supporting the upper back, lumbar back and neck regions.

ISO Certified & TGA Approved

ISO 13485 ability to provide medical devices that meet international regulatory requirements .Know More

Not Need To Change Your Bed

Transform your bed into an adjustable bed with in seconds and without emptying your wallet.Know More

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Our products are available through leading local and online shops and retailers. Know More

Maintenance Free

We offer high quality trouble free, user friendly and functional products. Know More

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