Stop Snoring with Electric Backrest Raiser

This unique anti-snoring electric backrest raiser for bed is able to stop individual episodes of habitual snoring without reducing the subjective sleep quality. 

How does electric backrest raiser work?

Snoring can be stopped successfully at an inclination of approximately 20°. There’s a reason that hospitals use adjustable beds for patients with heart issues. Did you know that by simply adjusting your bed backrest 7.5° you will reduce Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) severity by 31.8%

Can I still share the bed with my partner?

OF COURSE! This electric backrest raiser can be used on a double, queen or king size bed with a partner still using the other half of the bed.

Electric backrest raiser designed with you in mind!

Thanks guys, the backrest really improved my sleep…

Nik SA

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